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 The Touch Movement  seek to fight against cancer  through creative fundraisers, outreach programs, awareness projects, and special events. We strive to TOUCH the hearts of many and save the lives of many more. The Touch Movement believes that all it takes is one "TOUCH" to make a difference."



 The Touch Movement seek to collaborate with other organizations to effectively and successfully achieve the common goal of raising community awareness as it relates to Breast Cancer intervention. Remember together we can "Touch" the lives of many!

Community Awareness


The Touch Movement seek to raise community awareness through various collaborations and resources. If we "Touch One" we can "Touch Many"!

Contact Us

Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or volunteer inquiries you may have.

Barbara Bacon, Chair

Comeletta Hudgins, Vice-Chair

Ja'Tora Jenkins, Secretary

Jacque Goodlowe, Board Member

Reba Williams, Board Member

Jayla Jenkins, Youth Volunteer Associate

Crei Rashid, Youth Volunteer  Recruiter

Patricia Fowler, Special Committee

Aisha Fowler, Special Committee

The Touch Movement, Inc.

P.O. Box 1941, Athens, GA 30603, US

(678) 827-6328

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