La'Tasha Harris-Mapp, Founder


“The Beginning of the Touch Movement, Inc.”

 The Touch Movement, Inc. was founded in 2010 by LaTasha Harris-Mapp, an artist and entrepreneur. Through her experience, she decided to start the Touch Movement, a non profit organization that would explain to women and men especially under the age of 40, the importance of self-examination. 

 The Touch Movement was created to be a voice in the community that will raise awareness that will make individuals stop and think about the importance of their health. It took one TOUCH for her to notice that she needed help, and decided she wanted to TOUCH the lives of others. This effort was demonstrated in her passion for life, and her sense of urgency to educate and raise awareness among young adults through various platforms and outreach services. 

 LaTasha gained her wings on March 13, 2012…A quote from her speaks volumes….”I hope to unite a group of people who can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer…my goal is to unite a group of people whose presence will make a difference; whose voices will be heard and whose faces will be recognized” 


 "Through the movement; a difference can be made “One Touch at a Time”